Mobile casino gaming explained

Back in the day if someone wanted to gamble, they would have to head out to a land-based casino. This usually meant that you would have to get dressed up and sign-up for a lengthy and often costly casino membership. When online casinos first debuted, that way of doing this became a thing of the past, as players could freely gamble from the comfort of their own home for the first time ever. However, it seems that as time has moved on so has the need for the industry to become more mobile. Now it looks mobile casino gaming is set to take centre stage around the world. The following looks to explain the business behind mobile casino gaming, along with just how players can get involved.

Apps, Apps, and More Apps

They are everywhere these days, as it seems people can’t move for smart phone apps in 2015. There is seemingly an app for everything, including for casino gaming. Given how popular iOS and Android devices are, it is no shock to see most industry names jumping all over this new platform in an attempt to drum up customer interest. For some the creation of an app has been seamless, for some it has represented more of a struggle, either way the App Store and Play Store are now bursting at the seams with online casino apps.

Mobile casinos that take on app form are more often than not built from the ground up. This means that many games featured will be mobile exclusive and built solely for use on the platform. In order to use a mobile app, there are a few caveats that largely relate to registration. In most cases you will need to register for a mobile casino account separately and then link it with your online casino account, should you want to split the account control between two devices.

Easy Payments

Today, it’s easier than ever to make withdrawals and deposits using your mobile device. All of the popular e-wallets, such as Skrill, Neteller and PayPal have mobile apps that you can use to handle your transactions with your casino.

There’s also the option to deposit using a casino invoice when you’re playing, in case you prefer to pay at a later date. This can easily be done using apps like PugglePay or Siri Mobile. For a complete list over which casinos accepts these payment types, see

Instant Play

While apps remain the leading way for an online casino to distribute its mobile wears, that isn’t the only way that the mobile market is being adopted. As many online casinos are bringing the full online casino experience to mobile devices through browsers. Dubbed ‘Instant Play’, this mobile casino operates solely through a web browser and offers an altogether different mobile casino experience. This approach to mobile casino platform development prioritises speed and functionality. Largely as what’s offered is a scaled down version of an online casino, there is no need for account linking, while additional registration isn’t require either. For example, those who play at LeoVegas online casino will be granted immediate access to their “Instant Play” mobile casino.

Complete Product

Making sure that players get the full experience when they play through a mobile device, providers have introduced new bonuses, promotions, and loyalty schemes. These are tailored towards mobile players and offer mobile exclusive extras such as free spins, matched deposit bonuses, and various other free play incentives. You can play free spins no deposit win real money with, with most of the casinos listed on the site being compatible with mobile devices.

Life Changing

Mobile devices have changed the way that people live their lives, with it now looking like it will change the way people gamble as well. The rise of the mobile casino has been a sight to behold, as they are now giving casinos of the online-based variety a run for their money. Make sure that you don’t miss out on a second of mobile casino action by making sure you have an this blog bookmarked in your browser.

Who’s who in the world of blackjack

The world of online blackjack is filled with big money and even bigger dreams. Given that it is one of the most popular online casinos games of all time, from time to time it pays to look back at what has helped mould it into the game it is today. While the game itself has a varied history, it is the faces and names that have given it a true identity. Ignoring the self-promoters and the almost-rans of the game, the following looks at the true who’s who of the world of blackjack.

Edward O. Thorp

You can’t talk about blackjack and online blackjack without talking about Edward O. Thorp, the innovator of basic blackjack strategy. Born in 1932, his career would become that of a master mathematician, but his fame would come from authoring the book “Beat the Dealer”. His work would focus around how he could beat the dealer and reduce the house edge through an ingenious card counting strategy. When he put his theory into practice he found that the casinos couldn’t handle the it and were losing money hand over fist. Both he and his partner Claude Elwood Shannon cleared up across Las Vegas, winning more money than they knew what to with. As time went on the casinos would become wise to Thorp’s strategies and would “ban” card counting. However, that hasn’t stopped Thorp’s work becoming the foundation of the some of the greatest blackjack strategies of all time. Proven success at the table and a one-of-a-kind strategist in the world of blackjack, there is no doubt that Edward O. Thorp is a name of the utmost importance.

Ken Uston

The innovator of “team play” and one of the most recognizable names in the history of blackjack, Ken Uston is a businessman turned blackjack legend. While Uston had made a moderate name for himself in the corporate world as a stock market trader, it wasn’t until he started playing blackjack that he became known the world over. Uston met a professional blackjack player in Al Francesco; after the two became close friends Uston developed the “team player” strategy. This strategy revolved around furthering the card counting strategy, as not just one player would be doing it at the table, multiple-players would. This system means that players would play usually with a collective pot and signal to each other based on the hands they have in order to dominate the dealer. During its formative years the strategy proved very profitable to Uston and his inner circle, but much like other card counting strategies it would eventually be banned. While he may not have been able to practice his team strategy anymore, he would publish two blackjack focused books in “The Big Player” and “Million Dollar Blackjack” that cemented his place in the game’s history.

John Ferguson

You may know him as John Ferguson, or you may know him by his pen name of Stanford Wong, either way the man is considered a legend within the world of blackjack. Much like other professional blackjack players Ferguson had his start through “Beating the Dealer”, he adopted such strategies before creating his own card counting variations. Through complex research and precise practice he created the “Wong Halves” strategy and changed the image of card counting strategies in the process. Ferguson would eventually start turning over big money in the casinos and put himself in the blackjack Hall of Fame, while under his alias Stanford Wong he published the best-selling book “Professional Blackjack”.

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NetEnt set to charm the world with Koi Princess release

The video previews have been floating around the Internet for the better part of six months and it now looks like the finished product is on the way. Koi Princess is a game that has been on the lips of players and for good reason. The NetEnt slot game has already been critically lauded for its visual appearance and intriguing bonus features. Now it seems that the game has emerged from the preview stage and a final build is ready for release.

Adding to NetEnt’s already massive gaming library, Koi Princess could very well prove to be the company’s greatest creation. Billed for mass release on November 24th, Koi Princess will soon be available to play at Fruity Casa Casino, Winner Casino, and Casino Adrenaline. The video preview was one thing, but the full-game release is set to be something truly special. Read on to get more of grasp on what Koi Princess is set to bring to the table later this month.

Intriguing Preview

Marketing is slowly becoming NetEnt’s forte and it shows within the build up to the release of Koi Princess. Leading with a 3-minute video preview, the format worked wonders in showing the world the impressive visual nature of the game. Featuring a Japanese theme, the game moves from frame to frame with some seriously smooth animations. There was a lot to take away from the video preview, but largely it worked to showcase the impressive visual elements of Koi Princess. If you haven’t heard of Koi Princess yet or just want to get to grips with its visual credentials, take 3 minutes and check out the video preview on NetEnt’s homepage.

Unpacking Koi Princess

You can only take so much away from a video preview, with the hands on game demo allowing for players to get a better grip of what the game entails. It seems that Koi Princess is a game that features several prominent special features. Keeping it simple, they have included a “Bonus Bet” feature that allows players to double their bet size through a single click. Making sure that Koi Princess stays in touch with its vintage roots, they have also brought back the classic nudge feature. The industry seems to have forgotten classic features such as “Bonus Bet” and “Nudge”, so it is nice that NetEnt has brought them back in Koi Princess with a modern twist. Through a few little magic they have created a game that feels unique and plays in the very same way. Additional in-game bonus features to watch out for in Koi Princess include Coin Win, Bonus Wheel, Wild Reels, and Sure Win Free Spins, all of which help ramp up the level of excitement. Unpacking Koi Princess through the playable demo makes for quite the treat and gives players plenty to look forward too with the upcoming full release.

Packing a Punch

NetEnt has gone back to the drawing board with the creation of Koi Princess. They have opted to refresh tradition and give classic Japanese styling a new HD overhaul. Given the video preview and the play demo, it looks like Koi Princess may rank as the most hotly anticipated NetEnt slots release ever. For a full-review of Koi Princess upon its November 24th release I advise you to visit, as they usually release reviews of all NetEnt games a few days before they launch.

888 Casino set increase Arabic presence

Established almost 20 years ago, 888 Casino has grown to become one of the biggest online casino operators in the world. Being a known feature within countless countries, the broad appeal of the game catalogue has drawn in an audience of millions. Since 1997 the casino has been able to set numerous records and milestones and regularly prove that national borders are an obstacle that can be easily overcome. Truly international in size and scope, 888 Casino is looking cement their global fame by introducing new features and elements to Arabic players.

Catching On

After a slow start, it seems that online gambling is finally starting to catch on within Arabic nations. The once closed off approach has now been replaced with an open arms embrace, as 888 Casino has taken a step towards meeting this new market halfway. In an attempt to deter players from visiting land-based casino, new players can now find all their home comforts online. Through an Arabic platform that now features Arabic speaking customer service, 888 Casino now better suits the needs of Arab players. Due to these new options the site has never been easier to navigate, while finding games of interest no longer requires a Google site translation.

Game Development

In sticking with what has become an Arabic theme, 888 Casino has worked hard to bring together a selection of slot games that are inspired by that part of the world. These games include the now legendary Arabian Nights, along with several other progressive jackpot titles that are sure to appease even the most ardent of players.

Special Treatment

In order to make the welcome for Arabic players a truly warm one, 888 Casino has ramped up the bonuses for those who live in the region. These additional incentives mean that Arab players can now pick and choose from the bonuses on offer, with the ever-changing selection all being of use when it comes to increasing and consolidating a start-up bankroll. The biggest of the bonus offerings at time of writing is their ‘double up’ offering, which doubles deposits of up to $/€/£1000. Perfect for novice players and high rollers alike, it means those who register could have $/€/£1000 at their disposal when it comes time to place their first bet. From time to time, you be able to pick up an offer that’s even higher, by going through gambling review websites such as

Making Waves

888 Casino aren’t new to the industry by any stretch, but much like other online casino operators, they have found the Arabic market a tough entity to break into. But unlike other operators, 888 Casino has truly gone back to the drawing board. Breaking down their usual online casino offering and rebuilding it with Arabic players in mind, it now represents something of interest to that part of the world. Not only that, but they’ve also readdressed the sign-up bonus (to the joy of online casino portal users) to make sure there are plenty of incentives on hand to draw in new players. With a market-targeted platform, big bonuses, and plenty Arabic inspired games, 888 Casino is making viable play to become the number one online casino in the region.

The ins and outs of online roulette terminology

Simple on the outside yet complex of the inside. Roulette is one of those games that is easy to fall in love, but inexplicably hard to master. If you’ve been playing online roulette without much joy or understanding of the game, it is time to take steps to get your knowledge up to speed. While most follow the pattern of grabbing a casino bonus through a casino portal and the frittering it away through off the cuff roulette bets, you should avoid falling into such trap. This guide is going to walk you through the ins and outs of online roulette terminology, making sure that you know exactly what’s going on next time you spin the wheel.

American Roulette – The leading variation of roulette in North America. It features 38 pockets of which 36 are numbered, while two are double zero and zero.

Block Betting – A key element within roulette betting strategies, where a player bets on select numbers within a set section of the wheel.

Call Bets – A non-entity within standard online betting; yet making a return through live roulette. Call bets are handled when a player announces his bet instead of placing his chips.

Casino Portal – A website or family of websites that details key news and statistics related to online roulette and other online casino games.

Carr – Corner bet

Cheval – Split bet

Colonne/Column Bet – A bet placed on a number column, 2/1 payout.

Croupier/Digital Croupier – The individual or system that controls the play at a roulette table.

Dozen Bet – A bet that features one of the three number groups (1 to 12, 13 to 24, 25 to 36), pays out at 2/1.

En Prison – A French term that means “in prison”. In online roulette it relates to the outcome of an even-money wager that ends up with a zero outcome. In some cases a casino will allow a player to retrieve half of his or her bet back, or leave it on the table (in prison) for a second spin.

European Roulette – The most common version of online roulette found on European shores. Features the usual 1 to 36 number pockets, but just a single zero pocket.

French Bets – Relates to wagers that cover a set amount of numbers on the wheel. Considered to be a bet format that is popular amongst “high-rolling” players due to the number of bets involved.

House Edge – The calculated advantage that the casino holds over the player during a game of online roulette.

Inside Bets – Bets that feature on the inner circle of the roulette wheel.

La Partage – Enforced version of En Prison, where the player must take back half of their prior bet.

Mini Roulette – A standard roulette variation, which only features 14 pockets.

Straight Up – Single number bet, pays out at odds of 35/1.

Street – Three number row bet, pays out at approximately 11/1.

Outside Bets – Bets that feature on the outside of the roulette wheel.

Split – A bet that covers two numbers on the wheel, pays out at 17/1.

Roulette is nicknamed the game of the devil, as it features the number of the beast on the wheel. But don’t think you have to suffer from ‘devil’s luck’ when you play online roulette. Arming yourself with the right knowledge is a sure fire way for you to stay one step ahead of the game next time you spin the wheel.